From our principal

"At this school we PERSEVERE.... we don't give up!!"


This is one of our new chants for our Morning Circle.  This time of year is all about building resiliency in our kids!  Resilient kids will be better prepared for life's challenges. When they encounter a difficult problem, they will solve it instead of giving up. When they make mistakes, they grow and learn from them. So while we can’t shield our kids from all of life’s difficulties, we can make sure they learn resilience.

Resilience is learned through experiences and examples.  Become a partner in their problem solving.  Our first instinct might be to step in and fix the problem, especially while our students are younger.  And while this desire is understandable, in the long run, this will actually disempower our kids.  As our kids begin to tackle increasingly complicated situations, they need to practice making informed decisions.  The goal is not to fix the problem for our students, but rather to help them develop the skills they need to fix their own problems. Which is often easier said than done!

We will continue to use our SecondStep Curriculum to directly teach our students the skills that strengthen their ability to have empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems.  Within these weekly lessons, we are developing self regulation skills and other social emotional competencies. Our current unit is focused on Problem Solving:


-Julie Alderete